It would probably be a good idea, to provide a small introduction.

This is a blog about various life experiences. Some from the distant past and the rest from only a short while ago. it covers the whole of the human condition, from unemployment to employment , to alcohol and sex and bomb making. ( No instructions) being irresponsible and being an artist.

After 25+ years in the retail industry and related work. I have finally had enough. I am sick of food, do not like the human race and am only interested in books, art, history, J and the cat’s

I live in Oxford, sometimes drink too much Alcohol and am currently ‘self employed’ meaning I do not have an employer but I do have ADHD and have recently moved my entire operation upstairs, into my spare room. actually that is a lie, the art studio is still downstairs.


This is my garden from a few years ago, it looks nicer now.

I became an artist by accident, and am unemployed by the grace of the Almighty. It gives me more time to study and paint.