Pink Floyd/ The Albatross

Overhead the albatross hangs motionless upon the air” so goes the first line of Pink Floyd’s 1971 album Echoes, taken from their album Meddle I like the tune and Albatross’ too though they are not so closely connected there is a connection here and this is just a continuation of that. I have listened to the music of Pink Floyd since I can remember and probably a little bit before that too as some of what I remember is not clear as some of the Pink Floyd that I have listened too…. Read More


My landlord can be a useless sod and it takes him at least half a year to pull his finger out to do anything apart from complain that the rent is missing of course there he has no problems.   My House The previous guys who lived here, the washing machine died, and it took seven weeks to get a new one. The excuse being one of them was not coughing up the right money each week so as a result everybody had to suffer. Anyway we have a fairly good working… Read More