I received my 2nd paper back today from University. Thought I had done pretty well and might have scored a decent mark which has been a small matter of late.  Part of it may be not understanding the question and missing the point going off on tangents and so forth, ADHD can do this to you, well it does it to me. Being Autistic might have something to do with it though many people on the spectrum tend to be very precise and to the point though that is not always the case, I could of course mention the ADHD again it certainly makes for finding sustainable employment interesting as getting bored of a role happens quite quickly even though my job is varied and reasonably interesting, getting to meet new people all the time it is still a pain in the pocket when I would rather be doing something else.

This was supposed to be about a University assignment, it’s now gone to about work instead.

I hope to be getting better marks soon, like I would like to be getting THE RIGHT help for this condition that plays around like an unpleasant something in the background. I have spoken to my GP and movement is probably happening there and the disabled student people are in on the act now as well.

I have been meaning to write for a little while and it gets frustrating when I cannot find the space, time…   to allow this to happen. I need more structure to my day not disruption, please explain to me why I work for a company that uses that word in its branding.

In the meantime I am painting.


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