Merry Christmas (xmas is over)

So Christmas is over and all the decorations (what little there were) have been boxed up and ready to go in the attic for another year. The cats had the “tree” last night and that kind of encouraged things otherwise I would only have put it away this evening and not this morning.

A family member has been badgering me to go down their neck of the woods offering all sorts of false incentives and completely ignoring the fact  which has been explained to them that I do not actually want to go anywhere at the moment.  There are things that need to be got on with here like relaxing, speaking to the cats and going to the gym.

After two weeks or so of not going, today’s workout was horrible, it’s amazing how a bit of time out has such an effect on the system and leaves you feeling as weak as a kitten, It looks like I have my work load cut out over the next week or so to get back into shape. In the meantime I really must start looking for new employment and am seriously considering becoming an undertaker, the customers are undemanding, its recession proof and  is nice and quiet, Though I imagine one can have the radio on in the background.

I do not remember if I mentioned it previously but the colouring books I bought  are helping tremendously with the anxiety, I am currently colouring in pictures of Angels.

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