The joys of childhood

This has nothing to do with Mental Ill health. When I was about fourteen years old, probably during the Summer holiday it is not so easy to remember now as it was rather a long time ago and time seemed to move much more slowly then.  It all most likely took place over a few weeks,  instead of months but I do recall the weather as being nice, so it must have been Summer. My best mate at the time was the Dr’s son from over the road, I am not going… Read More

Childhood and the church

The time has come for a change from speaking about mental health, anxiety and that sort of thing. I feel the time has come to write a little about the past. The past affects us in different ways but one thing is for certain, it is the reason why we are in the positions we are in now. Or at least that is the theory and what they love to tell you at school and in other places as well. So when I was a youngster, I was being raised as a… Read More