And this is for

Dear R (How are you my beautiful, brave friend?) You asked me to write something about myself, so here it is. It’s easier than writing on messenger (I think) Where do I start ? well I could mention them Catholics that raised me I think I already have, I do not need to describe church and the stuff they used to brain wash you with. ” Jesus died for your sins” ” Thats his business, I never asked him to.”  The good monks as they were called were horrified and singled me… Read More

A change

And so I have witnessed yet another return of the sun to where it was  when I first came into this world some 48 years ago. I do not feel 48  and have lost 20 odd years of living with he result I feel in my 20’s and am the happiest I have been in many years. On the 28th of July, Somebody new came into this world she is fully formed in almost everywhere and has all the accumulated wisdom of someone who has seen many summers, but has only seen… Read More