Not much has changed since anything was last written here, actually to be honest quite a lot has changed and there are more on the horizon.

The person who used to write this blog has gone away and left instructions to change the domain to something different reflecting a new character and the changes that have recently taken place.


if you like me have cats around the house it is better to avoid these plants as they can be allergic to them, that is not the reason why there is a photo of one here. there is another reason.

My name is Jessica P Tigerlilly, my surname is irrelevant. and I am the new owner of this blog. Amongst other things I like gardening and work part time for a supermarket chain, having been in retail most of my working life I know the industry like the back of my hand I think and go to work each day with the attitude of knowing Jack Squat, that way I can learn more and more and progress up the corporate ladder all the more easily. I must admit it has taken me a little time to knuckle down and write something here having been occupied with other matters and no end of procrastination and heel dragging. However I am here now and it is nice to be writing something again. I say again cause the rest of the year I am sweating it out at University reading something or other. I have even forgotten the subject I am studying. never mind, it is something art related ad quite interesting. ( I think)

I have had lots of good news of recent, new job … My best friend is out of hospital and is still as sexy as fuck and everything is in the post, including that rather fetching Bikini I spotted last night on an auction site. The garden is coming along a treat as well, the pond is now in situ and the surrounds are taking shape, with some steps being put in this morning. It’s amazing what you can do with a log and sweat. I can say my palms are truly calloused and worn and yes I am happy. I shall be writing some more very soon.

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