Ears and things

Let me tell you piercing your own ears is an experience not to be missed. Sterilising your own equipment gritting your teeth, finding your badge pin is no good or at least is lacking something. Then just doing it, with a sewing needle. It saves money as well, especially if the hole left by the professional grew over and developed a hard lump.  I am even happier that is in the same place as the hole in my other ear, whats more it feels okay and now I feel better balanced than before, Which is important considering.

Work is nice, I seem to have been running away from something I quite enjoy. More on that later.

My medication finally arrived today and after a rather long and complex journey not to mention mileage involved, I am finally able to start the processes which I have intended for myself properly, wearing skirts and bra’s is all good and fine I would like something to fill the brassiere out and no I am not talking Rugby socks, for a start I do not have any Rugby socks. I Know it is going to be a long process and I sure hope I do not feel sick every day like I do now. ten minutes or so after taking my first dose I felt decidedly queasy, this is normal apparently and soon subsides.  Jabbing a needle in my ear helps with the nausea. (Probably) and so will  Karate this evening.

Is it my imagination, or is my beard  growing back slower than previously?


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