So 13 days AGO I started a course of medication that will change my life irrevocably. (did I spell that correctly) In this time I am sure my beard growth has slowed down, My Penis has shrunk away to the size of a (small) Chipolata  and I cannot drink a bottle of beer without feeling so exhausted I cannot even lift a hand to move the computer mouse.

I guess at least one thing is for certain in the above. It won’t do any harm to quit the booze. for the time being at least. It’s ice not waking up with dry and furry feeling in my mouth.

I would like my hair to grow a little bit quicker. By hair I mean the stuff on my head I am sick to death of the beardy stuff and Electrolysis well, lets say it can wait for the time being. I am going to be looking elsewhere for a less expensive place.

Work is still a pleasant place to go to. I think they have gotten used to having a trans in their midst and what with the clothing section there, I am quite spoilt for choice. Though I want to go to the Vintage fair at the weekend and see what is on offer instead of buying new. Not much else has been going, on had some strange dreams of recent with not enough sleep but still feel strangely full of energy, it must be because I have switched to the other side of the bed. My aching shoulder is no troubling me which is nice.

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