Cats,identity and other things

So for the first time in a little while I am finding some time to write, it is important to remember that writing like painting is part of creativity, but does writing take the sting, the tension of painting? I do not know, I feel I am a better painter than a writer but that is because whatever I am writing soon dies a death whereas painting goes on. It’s just the subject matter that changes, painting is my preferred medium of self expression. Perhaps I ought write more.

So what has been going on, not much to be honest, work ‘forgot’ to pay me for two weeks and after 3 days of bad temper and a lot of emotional energy they coughed up, that meant I could feed the cats and get Mr. Ninja his much needed medication and that is all that I wanted to see done.

otherwise I am enjoying work, though I would rather be painting, I guess we cannot have everything, I would rather be working and have money than be painting and have next to nothing. Actually that is a lie I would rather be painting and be wealthy, sod stacking the shelves and checking the dates in those nasty cold fridges that make my nose run and torment my chest, making me cough and wheeze like an asthmatic Walrus.

This cold I have had of recent seems to have affected my chest something chronic and my nose is falling off. I do not like colds and their ilk.

Otherwise apart from work, I do not know who I am where I am going or what I am becoming I do not consider myself Male or for that matter Female. I think I am a human being or am I being Human? I would like it to be known I am a person, an individual.

I would like to be known as Jessica, at least. I shall be posting some artwork very soon.