As witnessed by Jehovah

Religion provides me a great sense of peace and clarity in an otherwise busy world. And having conversations with those nice people who come knocking on the door asking if I have found Dog. Explaining to them I don’t have a Dog is always a bit of a bore, I guess they must have this ravenous canine in the back of the car and are trying desperately to find it’s owner.

Explaining to them that being a Cataholic, I don’t really do Dogs or God.  Least of all do I want their Dog. What with their wanting to come in and chat about it. Can’t they just carry a photo of the thing?

I am of course speaking about the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I take their leaflets and turn them into bits of artwork, this is what I mean by peace and clarity in an otherwise busy world. The rest of the time, I make out it’s a bad time and could they just leave some literature.


It can be fun at times inviting them in and asking them why they are trying to recruit new members when it might put them out of a chance of reaching the heavenly Kingdom. Their belief being that only 144,000 will get in. It’s even funnier when they say their imaginary authority figure works in mysterious ways.


Or are they  like many other Christian sects? Do they just want your money?

Whoever he is, this God character seems to have terrible problems with money. Does he pay tax? Why does (he) always seem to have a penis?

There was a happy day when a rather pretty Jehovahess  came on the door and I thought to chat her up. I wanted to suck her toes. We had a chat, a cup of tea and biscuits like you do. I think she was speaking about the prophecies in the book of Daniel. Not that I gave two hoots. The next time she appeared, was just when I was heading out to the dump. She was with her Dad.  (Typical) The guy was 6′ + and built like a rugby prop, I think he knew my ideas.


It’s not just the Jehovah’s, but a lot of these religion salesmen have plenty of leaflets that  proselytise to non believers. I use cut them up and use them in art work, the same can be said for that old Bible found at the Car Boot sale.WHERE IS GOD

It’s not just the Jehovah’s I get stuff from. There is a man in the city who insists people are sinners, he has a stand and everything.  If he worked in sales, I am sure he would make a fortune. I took his leaflets to.




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