Cats,identity and other things

So for the first time in a little while I am finding some time to write, it is important to remember that writing like painting is part of creativity, but does writing take the sting, the tension of painting? I do not know, I feel I am a better painter than a writer but that is because whatever I am writing soon dies a death whereas painting goes on. It’s just the subject matter that changes, painting is my preferred medium of self expression. Perhaps I ought write more. So what has… Read More


So 13 days AGO I started a course of medication that will change my life irrevocably. (did I spell that correctly) In this time I am sure my beard growth has slowed down, My Penis has shrunk away to the size of a (small) Chipolata  and I cannot drink a bottle of beer without feeling so exhausted I cannot even lift a hand to move the computer mouse. I guess at least one thing is for certain in the above. It won’t do any harm to quit the booze. for the time… Read More

Ears and things

Let me tell you piercing your own ears is an experience not to be missed. Sterilising your own equipment gritting your teeth, finding your badge pin is no good or at least is lacking something. Then just doing it, with a sewing needle. It saves money as well, especially if the hole left by the professional grew over and developed a hard lump.  I am even happier that is in the same place as the hole in my other ear, whats more it feels okay and now I feel better balanced than… Read More


Not much has changed since anything was last written here, actually to be honest quite a lot has changed and there are more on the horizon. The person who used to write this blog has gone away and left instructions to change the domain to something different reflecting a new character and the changes that have recently taken place. if you like me have cats around the house it is better to avoid these plants as they can be allergic to them, that is not the reason why there is a photo… Read More

And this is for

Dear R (How are you my beautiful, brave friend?) You asked me to write something about myself, so here it is. It’s easier than writing on messenger (I think) Where do I start ? well I could mention them Catholics that raised me I think I already have, I do not need to describe church and the stuff they used to brain wash you with. ” Jesus died for your sins” ” Thats his business, I never asked him to.”  The good monks as they were called were horrified and singled me… Read More

A change

And so I have witnessed yet another return of the sun to where it was  when I first came into this world some 48 years ago. I do not feel 48  and have lost 20 odd years of living with he result I feel in my 20’s and am the happiest I have been in many years. On the 28th of July, Somebody new came into this world she is fully formed in almost everywhere and has all the accumulated wisdom of someone who has seen many summers, but has only seen… Read More


So since the last job fell through or should that be since the universe wanted something else of me. Actually enough has already been written about this time, So it is better to write of something else. My efforts at looking for re-employment have been minimal half of me says go look the other half says PAINT and so it is the still quiet voice withing that is followed and the lure of an employer fails to attract me to its baited line. Call it lazy or call it whatever,painting brings me… Read More

I was looking for a job and I thought I had found a job

And heaven knows I could be miserable now. It seems the cycle is doomed to repeat itself and the career to end my career is not that one. Again I find myself unemployed and twiddling my thumbs, this morning was pretty awful had a really black mood and was feeling most depressed. You have to look at the bright side of things and consider they only gave you three weeks annual leave and that could not be taken all at once. So that’s a real sod if you are planning on getting… Read More

Jesus was a black man

It is nearly the second week in my new career. I can at least say I am happier than I have been in a long time. Did I say that last time? So what if I did. I managed to drill though a pipe today. (Again)  and to top it all the hedge cutter blew up, it gave out a big bang like crack a shot of electric light and the smell of smoke. I think it is now broken. I miss not being at work, but am enjoying the warm weather… Read More

And from this day forward…

Today is the first day of the rest of my life and the first day of a career that I hope will see me through and past retirement and into the next life itself.