From the hand of a child (with grown up writing)

For millenia mankind has believed in a divine being by the name of Jesus Christ. many words have been written about this person and he is very popular in the Christian tradition. where he is said to be God’s son.  It is not known  how Jesus looked, though the common belief was that he was white, had blue eyes, long hair and a beard.

In this painting. (it’s a nativity scene) He can barely be seen at all. That’s cause all the animals and people are crowded around the manger having a look. The midwife, if she had been there would have had a fit. There would have been a full blown newspaper exposé about the deplorable state of the nations health service, in that they could not keep animals out of delivery rooms and pay per view or similar.


It may as well be mentioned here that this project is many years old and this artists style has shall I say matured a little bit in the intervening period.


This is one of my more recent religious themed efforts. I Have forgotten the name of the artist whose work it was that inspired me, though it would be nice to do my own imagining of this traditional piece of the artists oeuvre. Perhaps she could be depicted breast feeding, seeing as so many people get up in arms about this it would be making an important statement. Did Mary breast feed in public? I doubt she used a bottle.


Digging through all of this old stuff I have stashed away, brings me a lot of happiness. Finding all this old work I did as a youngster makes it even more so. This is the parable of the fig tree.  I recall ‘Flob & gristle’ not his real name teaching us R.E. at school and my later winning the school prize.  (A book on Dinosaurs) as well as the Divinity cup.


The cleansing of the temple, was a good move, but like many of the stories found in the Testaments should not be taken literally. It could just as well be allegory. Think of the temple as Jesus’ body and this ‘act’ representing a self purification, a purge of all unhealthy practices. Think abstinence from Junk food, alcohol and smoking. I do not know where on earth I found the Hebrew to put in to this painting.

“Take these things away from here! Do not make my Father’s house a marketplace!”  Or something like that.

On the subject of purification, here is a picture depicting Jesus casting out demons from the person who lived in a cave, the demons being legion were sent into a herd of pigs that promptly ran off a cliff in panic. That particular story was the Gerasene demoniac.     (I just checked) I always thought the pigs got it a bit harsh here, There again, the Jewish faith has never been particularly keen on swine. and the story re-told so as even the uneducated would understand it’s symbolism.


This is a painting of the crucifixion. Do I really need to be saying that? It hardly looks like the sermon on the mount. Something is telling me it would perhaps be right to put in Gospel references but that would take all day. there are four of them after all.


So with this painting comes the end for the time being. There are more and  they can wait for another day









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