Some of these people are my heroes.

Once upon a time there was a big pile of newspaper cuttings.

these are my heroes

This collection of newsprint was the subject of much laughter and suggestion, that it be thrown out and otherwise got rid of.  To be honest i had no real reason as to why this pile of stuff was being allowed to accumulate. However it did.

This piece of work was started in 2002 alongside some other work, which was started around the same time. Most of if not all of this other material, to a point was sourced from the same big pile of magazine and newspaper cuttings. 

Due to the financial constraints imposed at the time or was it sheer practicality I chose to use plyboard instead of canvas  which had previously by another artist.  You can see his work on the reverse.

For anyone who is interested in the Etymology of the word HERO it comes from the Latin heros in the greek it means demi-god and according to Plato derives from Eros.

It is a noun, the plural being heroes,various definitions ranging from:

  1. a real or mythical person of great bravery who carries out extraordinary deeds

  2. a role model

  3. the main protagonist in a work of fiction

  4. a champion

Aside from definitions and the like there are a few words that should be written about each of the players here though not here. That has been written elsewhere.

This was created around 17 years ago, and the title of it has not changed, Just my attitude.

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